Services Provided by Professional, Local Carers

From cooking to days out, gardening to being there for a friendly chat, Companions offers care services tailored to every client and carefully matches the member of staff with each person’s needs.

Whilst many clients opt for routine assistance, we are proud to offer a flexible service. This means we can be ready with our dusters and mop for a light spring clean, turn chauffer and personal shopper for a one-off excursion or be there for a reassuring overnight stay should illness strike. During a visit we can put our hands to whatever tasks needs doing, for example if you’ve just noticed the lampshades need a wash. Staff are on hand 24 hours a day so if a bulb goes after dark, just call and we’ll pop over to change it.

Below is a selection of our most popular services. However, please contact us and we’ll do our utmost to meet any requirement.

From home help to days out, Companions serves the elderly and infirm when they need support

Personal Support

When it becomes more difficult to do personal tasks, it’s important someone is there to not only help, but to also lend an understanding ear. Our team can be on hand to assist with any number of tasks, including being a reassuring presence whilst bathing or dressing and bedtime tuck-ins. We ensure that you are safe in your home and your property secure. We are also experienced in caring for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Home Help and Housekeeping

Even the smallest household chore can become impossible to accomplish in later life. Companions can visit to make beds, cook meals, clean, cook or help with anything you can’t quite manage.

Trips Out

Being confined to your home can be difficult day after day. Perhaps a visit to a garden centre, going swimming, seeing a play or having a good old fish and chip lunch is in order, whatever you fancy we can provide transport and a companion to have a fun day or evening out with.

Appointment Escort

You can’t always choose the perfect time for appointments. With Companions, any time is a good time, meaning we’ll be there to take you to the doctor’s, hospital, dentist or even the hair salon for a pamper session.

Companionship and Reassurance Visits

Everybody needs to see a friendly face and have a hand to hold sometimes. Night or day, our staff can be there to sit with you and have a conversation or just pop in to say hello when loved ones can’t.

Night Care

Whether an accident or unexpected illness means you require someone on a short-term basis to be with you for 24 hours, the Companions team can be there to help.

Experienced Dementia and Alzheimer’s Carers

The carers at Companions all have experience with sufferers of Dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, so they are particularly sensitive to the needs and distinctive issues, whilst they also understand how each person is affected differently by the illnesses, even day to day. Companions also recognise the importance of support needed to a dementia sufferer’s main carer, quite often a spouse. Companions are there to relieve the pressure put on the family and give them a well-earned break from the day to day care of their loved one.