Why Go Alone When We Can Escort You To An Appointment And Hold Your Hand If Needed?

It isn’t always possible for a relative or friend to be available to attend appointments and some people prefer, or need, to be accompanied when out and about. It could be for transport reasons, that they just want a hand to hold or for the escort to take notes to feed back to family. We can also help with collecting prescriptions, with or without the client, and helping to ensure medications are taken on time each day.

Whether at home or out, let us provide that reassurance when attending appointments


The appointment doesn’t need to be medical, for example the hospital, dentist, optician or chiropodist, it could be for the hairdresser or to get a manicure, and we’re more than happy to be there should the appointment be in the house. The Companions team can combine our appointment escort service with another excursion or a personal care task, for example, having lunch whilst out and about or undertaking some household chores during a home based appointment. Use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to talk about your requirements.

A selection of appointments Companions have attended:

  • The local doctors for illness or blood taking
  • Hospital consultant appointments
  • Dentists, opticians and hearing specialists for check-ups and fittings
  • Being there to supervise home maintenance professionals
  • Hairdressers and beauty parlours
  • Trips out to hobby clubs and church