Helping Around the Home to Keep Things Just How You Like

From dusting those hard to reach places and delicate ornaments to doing weekly wash loads and daily washing-up, all of Companions’ staff are experts at helping to keep your home in the manner you’re accustomed. Not being able to accomplish all the household chores can be frustrating and unfortunately on occasions, trying to do too much can lead to a nasty accident.

Helping the elderly keep their home how they like it

We will not only do your jobs for you, such as vacuuming, cooking and ironing, but we can make you a cuppa and have a chat while we’re there – we’re called Companions for a reason! Or it might be something you used to enjoy, like baking, let us do the parts you now find hard work and have those pleasurable experiences once again. Call us and let us know how we can help to look after you and your home.

A selection of housekeeping responsibilities we have for our clients:

  • Changing and washing bed linen
  • Washing clothes, curtains and cloths – just about anything!
  • Ironing and hanging clothes
  • Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
  • Inside window cleaning
  • Preparing individual meals or multiple for the freezer
  • Helping to care for pets and plants
  • Preparing shopping lists, ordering online or going to the supermarket